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I am the founder and original managing director of Boldfield Computing, the trading name of Boldfield Ltd, established in 1981 with Company Registration 01602447.

The company was initially set up to provide mainframe computer services to the offshore oil industry, but with the timely advent of microcomputers, it expanded its activities to the supply of office printers and VDUs, whilst also experimenting with turnkey projects based around the Grundy NewBrain.

When the Jupiter ACE project presented itself as an opportunity, Boldfield abandoned the NewBrain and concentrated on supporting this machine instead.

The Jupiter ACE was then Boldfield Computing's main activity throughout 1984, 1985 and into 1986, by which time the emphasis was changing towards PC based solutions, and a move towards supporting SMEs rather than home users.

For the next 20 years Boldfield Computing consolidated its position as a leading supplier of PC Solutions to SMEs in East Anglia, and became an innovator in supported PC rental schemes, bespoke database packages, and integrated Sage systems. Along the way, the company also delved into small niche IT projects, such as mobile phone technologies, floppy disc based advertising, miniaturised dataloggers, database web solutions, etc.

In 2005 the directors decided to move on and prepared the main business for disposal by separating the core PC solutions activity from its unrelated assets, such as its commercial buildings and the niche projects, resulting in a clean sale to new owners in 2006. The long established and well regarded Boldfield Computing name was included in this deal, so the original company (01602447) changed its name to Cambridge House UK Ltd, allowing the purchasers to change their registered company name to Boldfield Ltd and hence carry on trading as Boldfield Computing.

To further tidy the historic position, the discontinued projects and intellectual property, including the Jupiter ACE materials, were transferred to me personally at a pre-sale stage in 2005.

This means the currently trading Boldfield Computing has no knowledge or connection at all to the Jupiter ACE project, whilst the directors of Cambridge House UK Ltd are the ones who were involved at the start, worked on it throughout, and are the legal title holders to everything included. The documentary evidence of the 2005/2006 transfers are available for inspection.